AngelHack Seattle 2015

I teamed up with some other Microsoft interns over the weekend for a hackathon in Seattle. AngelHack was running the show and the prize was admission into their HACKcelerator program. This is great for people who want to turn their hackathon projects into a startup, but our team was more interested in the immediate prizes […]

Back in the Saddle… or not

This past weekend I jumped back into the hackathon game. Unfortunately, this probably wasn’t the right one to go to. It was sponsored by Microsoft and was more of an evangelisation event to get developers to use Azure’s machine learning and data visualization tools. The tools themselves are actually very flexible, well made, and easy […]

KSP/kOS Grasshopper: A model of SpaceX’s Grasshopper Program in Kerbal Space Program, using the kOS mod.

I started playing KSP about three months ago. After an entire night on the demo version and the following weekend on the full version, I started to look into the available mods. I was looking for an autopilot mod from the beginning because I wanted a less time-consuming way to transfer orbits than to sit […]

PDP Part II/Survivor: Canada

I skipped finals week and instead went to Finland for the end of PDP (no, I didn’t skip finals themselves). We ended up making a small form factor gaming machine for restaurants around Helsinki. Two Asus tablets, a card reader, and a number pad were packed into a triangular prism. This machine can play slots […]

Hack Upon A Cause

Zahid and I competed again, and won as a team for the first time! (Probably because I refused to allow him to expand the scope of the project – just kidding… kind of.) This hackathon had 4 non-profit sponsors that each wanted an app made for them. We chose to make one for DayOne, a […]

FoodRecon is still a thing

Remember FoodRecon? That app that started out with Keith, Zahid, and I teaming up for CS389 and wound up with us running down to pick up Papa John’s in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria? Well, Zahid and I are supposedĀ to redo it in HTML5 and release it when we get a free weekend. For […]

Intel Android Codefest NYC

Xer and I took first place at the 24-hour Intel hackathon this weekend! (Sleep? Haha…) You can see a demo of our game halfway through the hackathonĀ here. It was a lot more polished by the end of the hackathon. The asteroids are noticeably indestructible in this demo, and we fixed that by the end. I […]

Met Chris Hadfield

Nothing beats an astronaut. I was lucky enough to hear him talk for an hour and get my book signed! Check out who he is: YouTube Twitter Reddit AMA

PDP (a.k.a. Fiiiiiinlaaaaand)

Product Development Project? Prototype Design Program? Project Dev…? PDP. I just got back from my first trip to Finland! Much thanks to Dr. Hill and Freddy for selecting me as one of Seidenberg’s participants in the Design Factory joint project with Aalto University. Julie, Olga, and I are now working with some very cool and […]

Hack ‘n’ Jill

I went to a 24-hour game-themed hackathon this weekend. Z and Chris were burned out from last week, so I teamed up with four new people! It worked out pretty well, and we took second place with our two player mountain climbing game. Dennis introduced me to Construct 2, and while I feel a little […]